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Thursday, 10 November 2011


awesome people like this. (PLEASE LIKE BOTH BUTTONS)
  Talk That Talk is to be released on nov 18, and yet there are no leaks except for the lead single we found love. The tracklist was revealed by rihanna and the only feature present on the album is Jay Z. He is featured on the title track talk that talk produced by rihannas most succesful producers stargate. StarGate is the main production team working on the album.Many new producers have worked with rihanna.Calvin harris has also worked on another single where have you been.Songwriter Ester dean is the main writer on the album almost on every track. Bangladesh has also worked on one track Cockiness (I love it) which is going to be really awesome with big bass also the drop the world producer hi boy has worked on one track called watcn learn.

The next single to be released is You Da One which is produced by dr luke the hitmaker. this is the first time rihanna has collaborated with dr luke. Rihanna we found love has sustained for another week atop of the hot 100 marking her 11th no 1 single rihanna is surely goin to be one of the best artist of all time.Even the second single is going to be a chartbreaker.

This picture of rihanna was a pic released for showing of the album completion.Rihanna is really cool with this album and has all the buzzworthy material ready to give us one of the best albums of this year.

Below is the tracklist of the album.

Official Tracklist:-
 Track                                                                 SongWriters                                 Producers
1.     "You da One"                                                                                                  Dr. Luke    
2.     "Where Have You Been"                 Lukasz Gottwald, Ester Dean       Calvin Harris   
3.     "We Found Love" (featuring Calvin Harris)         Harris                         Harris    
4.     "Talk That Talk" (featuring Jay-Z)                   Ester  Dean                  StarGate    
5.     "Cockiness (Love It)"                                                                      Bangladesh   
6.     "Birthday Cake"                                                                              The-Dream    
7.     "We All Want Love"                                          Dean          
8.     "Drunk on Love"          Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen,                  
                                           Dean, Traci Hale, Romy Croft, Oliver Sim,
                                           Jamie Smith, Baria Qureshi                                      Stargate
9.     "Roc Me Out"                              Dean                                                StarGate    
10.     "Watch n' Learn"                                         Priscilla Renea                               Hit-Boy   
11.     "Farewell"                                                    Dean                                         Big Juice    
12.     "We Found Love" (Calvin Harris Extended Mix)            Harris                       Harris

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