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Monday, 10 October 2011


awesome people like this. (PLEASE LIKE BOTH BUTTONS)
RadioActive is YelaWolf's newest album to be released under labels Ghet-O-Vision, DGC, Interscope, Shady on 21st November 2011.
The Rapstar Eminem is one of its producer. Eminem label Shady records and interscope records are the major labels.

Just right- Yelawolf ft diplo (prod by diplo)
This ones a leak much awaited single produce by diplo from yelawolf's radioactive upcoming album.
This song was leaked around first week of October. You can find it on some sharing sites just go  and Google it.
I wouldn't like to put a link here as it would be copyright content.
Well to be frank I already heard the song and its a awesome track for a debut. Of course its not yellawolf's debut track, but it is from his debut album 'RADIOACTIVE'.
I am pretty sure that as audience you will also love it. Their are rumors of Eminem been featured in some tracks.
to get this track just go visit and search for 'Just right- Yelawolf hulkshare'.

And for those who aren't familiar with yelawolf songs u must listen to a previous song of his.
This was a pretty good and hit single from Yelawolf.
This song was on charts for a week or two.
 Yelawolf-Hard White Up In The Club feat Lil-Jon
The music and the chorus of this song is Sooo cool that it made this song to bring him up and gave a chance to get a album produce through Shady records.
The lyrics don't give a fuck out.
the video is also available on you tube \m/
Watch the official music video here and judge him no wrong.....

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