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Monday, 31 October 2011


awesome people like this. (PLEASE LIKE BOTH BUTTONS)
Flo Rida's first new single off his next album The only flo - part 2 a sequel album to its predecessor.The new single is an electrohop single a mixture of genres of  hip hop and electronic.The song contains a sample of "Levels" by avicii. Production comes from the legendary dr luke the hit maker  with the sample which derives the chorus flo rida raps the verses in his swag. I will rate this song about 3/5 stars.Flo rida needs to up his game comparing his new songs with his hits.

The video is awesome I liked many of the gadgets used.The use of an i pad2 is done efficiently.Also flo rida is rocking with the hip hop flavoured lifestyle rocking in the parties like miami to ibiza. In the end of the video an awesome tron motorcycle is also seen. Flor rida is certainly gaining momentum to his album with this promotion. 

GET IT: Good Feeling - Flo Rida
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